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I have a vision of a better world. A more optimal world that has no place for silly things like Nash Equilibrium or death. A more beautiful world in which concepts that we now literally cannot comprehend are a part of the everyday life. A more fun world that we will explore for billions of years to come.

I want the world to change, and I want to help make it happen. I like people that seek non-stop improvement of everything, and especially of themselves. I strive to judge people by how they think. I'm always open to discuss an interesting idea and to share some of mine.

Professional Info

I am called a software engineer. But my most important skill, as I see it, is figuring things out. Be it an obscure implementation detail of the JVM that makes the application perform poorly, or how yawning works and why it's there, I really love getting to the very bottom of it all. Creating new things also brings me great joy if I perceive them as valuable to the world.

Another thing that I'm good at is sharing the knowledge. I've done that a lot in the past via blog posts and conference talks, but lately I've been enlightening (and being enlightened by) random people that I meet on the Way.

I primarily deal with Java backend applications, but if need arises I can do anything from C to R to JavaScript to Docker to customer troubleshooting and whatever else.

A detailed CV is available upon request.

Apart from computers, learning and researching, I'm into travelling and athletics. The former includes dozens of cities all around the world so far, and the latter includes martial arts, running, *boarding and bicycles.

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Haven't blogged for years now. Am still active on Twitter.

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