Professional Info

My name is Gleb Smirnov. I am a generalist software engineer with over a decade of experience. I primarily deal with JVM-based backend applications, but if need arises I can do anything from C to R to JavaScript. I can bring up a production-grade deployment out of what other engineers have built, and then organize an On-Call team and processes required to keep it reliable and performant 24/7. I can also analyze and optimize the compute spending to make it run cheaper, and then help carry furniture to a bigger office.

Another thing that I'm good at is sharing knowledge and teaching skills. I've done that a lot in the past via blog posts and conference talks, but lately I've been selectively enlightening (and being enlightened by) people that I meet on the Way.

A detailed CV is available upon request via and on LinkedIn.

Non-Professional Info

As you may have noticed, I am not active on social media any more. That's because I generally aim to reduce my online presence over time. If you want to know something personal, your best bet is using email to arrange an in-person meeting.

There is a bunch of old blog posts here. My present self may not agree with some of what my younger self wrote, but let it all stay for history.