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Saw the new project of the new Google HQ today. Made me ponder the world’s future a lot. Realized that it would be optimally fulfilling for my utility function if I were to join Google in a few years. That way I will not only be able to make the tomorrow’s future, but also live in today’s future. After all, the future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.. Google has just the level of future and the level of thinking that I find awesome.

I wonder if ten years from now it will be a trivial matter to determine that I have just bitten a sandwich? Or that a few minutes ago I went from the office to home because the cleaning lady was there and I had wanted to think without interference? Will it be possible to, given all of this information, build a sufficiently accurate model of me so that it becomes self aware? If so, it will be me, or at least someone very similar to me.

Here’s an instant tinfoil hat theory: NSA records all the traffic in an effort to make everyone immortal. So that if we somehow physically irrecoverably die, our model gets resurrected into the digital world. Because me writing this text or even tweeting something is information that can be used to improve the model of me. I finally understand that guy who claims he has “proven” that we are inside a simulation. Meaning that if we all survive long enough, we will end up simulating ourselves, and possibly even our past selves. And not only ours, but everyone’s by reconstructing the past in a sufficiently fine grained simulation.

I understand why science fiction is so awesome. Because it’s making detailed predictions about distant future. The more probable (do not confuse with plausible) the predicted world states are, the better the fiction. The Jean Le Flambeur series are a great example of such deep thought. I wonder if in a society of cooperative immortal agents, there will be a prediction market about future states of the Universe.

Maybe I will write some science fiction some time in the future.

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