The Fractal Computation


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Danger: a Theory Of Everything lies ahead

It is quite common among computer scientists [citation needed] (or at least hard science fiction writers) to call the world a computation [citation needed]. I have long since gotten used to the notion, but never really have gotten it on a gut level. Recently, I have been contemplating the engineering of systems concepts like Von Neumann Machines and parallelism. Then I imagined the world as a computation within an enormous machine that executes the laws of physics.

A fun idea follows: the higher the density within a region of space, the more computational resources are required to evaluate the laws of physics. This would predict Gravitational Time Dilation [explain how]

Now, if the machine were of the Von Neumann type, then it would be possible to dynamically reprogram the machine to doing something different… Precisely what the computers are doing! With the humanity’s understanding of the laws of physics improving, we are getting more lower-to-the-bare-metal hardware. And not jut the more and more fancy Intel CPUs or whatever, but quantum computers as well.

But then there’s this theory is compatible with the notion of (as far as I understand), since we are running inside a Von Neumann Machine, it, in turn, is also running in one. Which makes it possible for the spacetime itself (data for the Meta-level machine) can compute.

… This reasoning can go on for much longer, but it is prudent to dig deeper into the current knowledge of the humanity on this. Also verify all the facts listed above and all the logicall connections made

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