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  1. Go on about how some moments in history are important, but you don’t notice it right away (Actually, did I see such a thought in some other work of fiction? Add reference if so) Like, the last person dying of malaria. The last bullet fired. The last racist statement.
  2. On the day when the last human died, something happened. It was subtle at first. Some physics research facilities noted increased amount of noise in the measurements. Several receptors noticed an surge in exotic particles.
  3. Software systems are getting affected. Increased packet drop rates. CPUs error rates increasing. It takes a while for the anomaly to be detected, (go on about monitoring)
  4. Meanwhile, a person enters the facility that tests people who want to win a million dollar prize for demonstrating psychic abilities. They succeed. An ontological crisis ensues.
  5. The dormant Planck-scale machinery left behind by the precursors awakens, recognizing an authorized user. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
  6. The new prophet’s mind is expanded dramatically into the smart dust, but the cognitive architecture yields diminishing returns on scalability. Tie in the “using 100% of the brain meme”

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