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I Am Now A Part Of Plumbr


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Good News, Everyone!

I am currently en route to Tartu, Estonia. This is where I will live and work for some time to come, in all likelihood at least a year, and probably longer. This is a radical change, but I have a smile on my face, because this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Monday is my first work day at Plumbr, an Estonian startup that pinpoints performance issues in your java applications before they have a chance to give you a world of trouble. I first heard of it from one of its founders, Nikita, over a year ago. I instantly liked the idea, and it has developed a lot since then.

I am really excited to get started, as I really believe that I can help make the product, and with it, the lives of engineers, a lot better. Also expect that there will be more tech blog entries from me soon, although conference appearances might become a bit scarcer.

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