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Good News, Everyone!

Some of you may know that I used to have an awesome blog thing going on some time ago, and that it has been lost. The time has come to pick up the pieces and restore the mightiness of my Endless Empire! The Universe shall bow before the onslaught of my relentless blogging!

Jokes aside, here’s what you can expect:

  • Various personal stuff, like this and that (restored from the Depths Of Time using Dark Magic).

  • Detailed tech articles that I am going to write. I shall also translate some of the ones that I already have in Russian.

Now, just to avoid having a dull and empty first-in-a-while post, let me explain why I bother to write them in the first place. I will not try to do so in great detail, as that would likely make a long blog post. Explaining my life philosophy is worthy of a post of its own. What you will find below is a short and shallow outline.

Why write personal things?

Shouldn’t they be left, like, personal? Why do you share private stuff publicly?

Well, basically, because it’s a part of my life ideology. All information should be accessible to everyone, you could say. Or you could not. There, of course, exists information which could do a lot of damage if it fell into the wrong hands. It goes both for information in general, and for my personal life. I try to live in such a way that if anyone learns any fact about me, I won’t be at a disadvantage. Doesn’t work all the time, as you might expect, but still. If everyone struggled to follow such a simple rule, the world would be a much better place to live in. It’s a bit like I’m setting an example. Along with all those other guys and girls who are doing the same.

Other than that, I enjoy writing. It also helps me arrange my mind and sort out what’s in there. One more bonus is that it takes less time for people to understand whether they like me or not. There have been occasions when some people who I only know on the Internet are better aware of what’s going on with my life than those who I meet in person from time to time.

Not that I do not enjoy personal contact, I do. A lot, in fact. It’s just that, again, if everyone were open about their lives, it would be easier to filter out people who you are not interested in. So, my point is: be open!

Why write technical things?

Aren’t you just spawning rivals for yourself doing that? Doesn’t knowing things others don’t give you a competitive advantage?

I’m not sure where such thinking can lead you. Probably, into High-Frequency Trading. Or whatever, really. I hope that some day everyone realizes that we humans should work for one Great Common Task! (Nah, just kidding here a little, not necessarily that Great Common Task). Could be any other which makes the world more optimal. The point being, the mere fact that we humans came to existence as a result of an inefficient optimization process which doesn’t optimize for group selection and encourages competitiveness, does not imply that we can’t do better. It’s, in fact, quite the contrary. We can. How long do you think it would have taken Evolution to construct the device that you’re reading this from? Probably longer than the Universe could last. Your device was created thanks to the engineers collaborating on it and using the accumulated knowledge of humanity. Neither of which Evolution can do. But I digress.

I share the knowledge because I hope it helps improve the world. That it is going to help other people solve their problems more efficiently. And I hope that when someone solves their problem, it is more often better for the world than harmful.

Sum it up, will you?

Yep. Be open. Join the Bayesian Conspiracy. Go ahead and make something that will improve the world. If you find yourself unable to think of something, or you lack time to do things personally, just make use of professional specialization and donate to a useful cause. I hear, OpenBSD are struggling.

Whoa, wait, how does your new blog work?

Ah. I thought you might ask this. Here, it’s open source.

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