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Today I Learned: Volume 5


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In this new TIL you will find some weird numeral systems, the secret of staying alert in boring meetings, valkyries and more.

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Today I Learned: Volume 3


til geography diving astrology evolution psychology travel internet bigdata

A new TIL thing is out! Check it ouf for an amazing underwater park, emotion control, gas giants and more.

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Today I Learned: Volume 1


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I try to learn as much as possible. Often, I come across little fun things which I find awesome. So, I decided that it would be very nice-guyish of me to actually write them down and share with everyone. I am planning to release them in packs of five, each fact should not be longer than a dozen sentences. Sometimes, even less than that. Do not be surprised to find a shameless rip from Wikipedia along with a couple of relevant links.

Although I can predict long pauses from time to time, I will try to keep this somewhat regular. But enough with the intro, let's get started!

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The "What Are My Political Views" Rant


politics game theory evolution cooperation cognitive biases

From time to time, I find myself being asked what my political views are. Every time that happens, I get frustrated.

Therefore, I have decided to write this blog entry that states my position explicitly. It is rather long thanks to the possible inferential distance. Incidentally, it explains a great deal of my general outlook on life.

For those unwilling to read it whole, here's the long story cut short:

Politics is a bunch of atavisms gone horribly wrong and stuck in a Nash Equilibrium.

I have a dream that one day all sentient beings will choose to cooperate.

@gvsmirnov on Twitter: [1], [2]

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Back On Blogging Track


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Good News, Everyone!

Some of you may know that I used to have an awesome blog thing going on some time ago, and that it has been lost. The time has come to pick up the pieces and restore the mightiness of my Endless Empire! The Universe shall bow before the onslaught of my relentless blogging!

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